3D Forensic Scans provides law enforcement with accurate, cost-effective high definition laser scans to reconstruct accident sites and crime scenes.

Everything at a collision site is recorded in the scan including roadways, traffic signals, utility poles, trees and surrounding buildings. Data is accurate to within a few millimeters and can be revisited, regardless of changes in the course of the investigation.

This eliminates return visits, saving both time and money.

The precise data and measurements provided by laser scanning gives law enforcement the tools it needs to successfully investigate an accident or crime scene. This data can also be used to create detailed 3D computer animations to use as evidence and during trial.

With 3D Forensic Scans, you can:

  • Yield higher-quality data in a shorter period of time
  • Accurately calculate vehicle speed and velocity
  • View data as it is being collected and easily share with other officers and agencies
  • Eliminate the need for return site visits
  • View data in a 3D model for analysis
  • Effectively present findings to those without engineering/surveying backgrounds
  • Create detailed 3D computer animations

*Note that all videos are not the work of 3D Forensic Scans.