3D Forensic Scans provides attorneys with the evidence collection they need to support direct testimony, as well as effectively cross examine experts during trial.

The precise data and measurements yielded by high definition scans provide investigators with the tools they need to accurately reconstruct an accident or crime scene.

These cost-effective, highly detailed scans can be used to create realistic 3D computer models and animations which can be utilized at trial during testimony and made available to the jury as evidence during deliberations.

Animated 3D models are invaluable to attorneys presenting findings to a jury, whose members often do not have backgrounds in engineering or surveying.

With 3D Forensic Scans, you can:

  • Precisely reconstruct an accident site or crime scene
  • Quickly and cost-effectively convert scanned data to accurate 3D models and animations
  • View data in a 3D model for analysis
  • Effectively present findings to those without engineering/surveying backgrounds
  • Eliminate the need for return site visits

*Note that all videos are not the work of 3D Forensic Scans.